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For Real: Discografie


Album cover It's A Natural Thang 1. Easy to Love
2. Where Did Your Love Go?
3. You Don't Wanna Miss
4. Just A Matter Of Time
5. Li'l Bit
6. Don't Wanna Love You Now
7. You Don't Know Nothin' transcriptie
8. With This Ring (Say Yes)
9. D'yer Mak'er
10. The Harder I Try
11. I Like
12. Thinking Of You
13. The Prayer
Youtube (audio only)

FREE [1996]

Album cover Free 1. Intro
2. Like I Do
3. Good Morning Sunshine
4. Hold Me
5. So in Love
6. Remember
7. Will You Love Me
8. The Saddest Song I Ever Heard
9. Nothing Without You
10. How Can I Get Close to You
11. Love Will Be Waiting at Home
12. For All of My Life
13. Free
Youtube (audio only)
Youtube (audio only)
Youtube (audio only)
Youtube (audio only)