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The Oom Maw Maw: Biografie
The Oom Maw Maw

Singing is better than anything. Instruments actually attempt to imitate the human voice, the earliest and purest musical instrument.
The Oom Maw Maw does the opposite: they imitate instruments in their unique a capella group. To me this is the most fascinating singing that exists, because ever since the 19th century you just hear singers trying to holler louder than the orchestra (which for me sums up 'classical' singing).

The singing techniques of The Oom Maw Maw are much closer to the original and natural singing traditions of jazz, rock and folk music, and, I'm firmly convinced, also to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Also reminiscent of those times is the 4-voice a capella setting: then by far the major musical expression. I think composers like Josquin and Dufay would have been delighted to compose for The Oom Maw Maw. Wonderful! A true celebration.
Louis Andriessen, composer.

(bron: www.jazzloft.com)
Foto: T.M. Greuter.
(bron: www.geheugenvannederland.nl)

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